What will you find in the Scrum handbook?

Your Scrum Handbook

This handbook contains the Scrum fundamental principles, including roles, events and artifacts, as well as the core values that bind them together and allow an organisation to develop the highest possible value-based products. Furthermore, you will find some tips from ERNI Scrum experts.

Benefits of Scrum, well implemented

Scrum is an Agile framework that, when applied, allows teams to develop and release complex products based on an iterative approach. Constant value-based enhancements are added to the product, which result in high levels of customer satisfaction and the accomplishment of the strategic business objectives.

(*these KPIs are based on ERNI’s Scrum team’s outcomes from Spain)


Up to 40% team productivity improvement


86% reliability burndown success


25% Ramp-Up time improvement


45% bug reduction

When well implemented, Scrum optimises team satisfaction and productivity, product quality, capacity to adapt to changes, risk mitigation and customer satisfaction.

“Scrum is like the rules of soccer. Following them does not make you a good player.”

Jeff Sutherland

“Scrum is simple. Stop worrying about polishing it up so it is perfect, because it never will be.”

Ken Schwaber

We’re by your side in the Agile transformation

ERNI believes in the impact of Swiss Software Engineering to create customer value. Our mission is to boost people and businesses in the innovation of software-based products and services. The global platform for Swiss Software Engineering combined with a deep market understanding provides the framework for customer success. Our crew manages the complexity of projects, enables people and delivers customer solutions fast.

A Swiss mindset with behaviours like consensus-building, pragmatism, integration, reliability and transparency have been deeply rooted in the ERNI culture since 1994. Together with our great crew, they are the basis for successful software projects.

Today, the ERNI Group has 800+ employees at 18 locations.

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Your Scrum Handbook